What do you think...?

It's one of the most common questions our couples ask us... what do you think? Should we go for Letterpress Love or Modern Geometry? Should we go for Navy or Gala blue? White or natural material? What do you think?

My favourite question! Also one that is very tricky to answer. I can only offer advice on the information that I know about your day... so it's a vintage themed wedding, perhaps natural material would be best or 'Do you have lots of information to tell your friends and family on your invite?' Then perhaps you should consider a supporting information card or go for Love Story where we can fit on a bit more wording. 
But one question I try to avoid answering is 'which is your favourite design?' and the reason is, because I JUST DON'T KNOW! I can't decide. The Original Whale has special meaning as that was our first design and was our very own wedding invite. 

But now, 10 years on... it could be Spirit of the 20s, Modern Geometry or it could be…

Information cards, Evening invitations & RSVP cards. We've got you covered.

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