5 Things We All Want Our Wedding Day To Be

Everybody's wedding day is special, the best ones create memories that last forever, some of them planned little touches that make you think 'arrrr, they really love each other', some of them hilarious mishaps like grandad falling in a water fountain. But however your days goes, there's 5 things we all want our wedding to be.

1. Unique

We've all been to a lot of weddings, they've all felt special in their own way, festival themes, intimate tiny affairs, massive royal garden parties and gunshot blasts through Vegas, but the very best ones are a very reflection of the couple and their love. Sometimes it's not always about making everybody happy, but remembering everybody is here for you, and the more unique your day is, the more special it is to you, the more memorable it will be for everyone

2. Green

It's estimate that over 90% of paper wedding invitations end up in the bin once people have uploaded the details to their phone, sure your mum and your nan is keeping them in a dusty old draw to never really look at again, but most people are hoying them into the nearest bin. This is obviously very wasteful, and a little strain on the environment, but there is another way.

Wedding Tea Towels is a more sustainable option. By giving your guests an invitation that can keep forever, you're keeping their bins free, whilst giving them a gift they can keep in the heart of their home forever more!

3. Full of love

When we imagine our special day you really want some tears, parents on the front row bawling their eyes out, grandad silently dabbing a tear from the corner of his eye, a strange man at the back who nobody has heard of, weeping uncontrollably into his tie. Love is what started this whole thing, so make sure your day is full of it. Remember to take a minute with your partner, away from all the chaos to just be together. I'm welling up right now!

4. On a Budget

We don't all have bottomless pits of money for our wedding, so it's important we have a budget and we stick to it, a recent article* has been published shows that most couples like to budget around £250-£350 for their invitations with the overall average cost coming in at around £10-15k.

It's important that you stick to your guns, but also that you spend your money on the right things. Make sure all the basics are covered, and covered well, but don't forget to keep aside some of your money for the little touches that really make the day special.


5. Fun

Bottom line, it has to be a laugh, the speeches, the dancing, the falling over, the cake in the face, the drunk aunties, your day is going to make a whole bunch of funny stories that will stick around forever. Let them happen, let your guest have fun and sit back and watch the memories happen.

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