The number 1 wedding trend for 2020...

Hello! Welcome to 2020! What an exciting year to get married, those numbers sure look great together. It's looking like this is going to be a big year for weddings with couples hoping to celebrate the new decade with their nuptials.

... and the number ONE wedding trend for 2020 - for once it's not 'the dress' or the 'colour theme', it's something much deeper than that.

It's the footprint the wedding leaves on our world.

The focus is shifting heavily this year to Sustainability. Making sure your wedding has as little impact on the environment as possible from using recycled materials, upcycled decor, local venues to reduce travel, making a plan for food waste or requesting a charitable donation as favours or part of the gift list.

For tons of ideas on how to zero waste your wedding invites, take a look here.

We also know you can love the planet and still be bang on trend so for those of you wondering - it's Blue. The colour of the year is definitely going to be blue - that's Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Teal Blue - all the wonderful shades!

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Bye for now.
Karen x