Tie the Knot (this is the last time I will mention it, promise)

 In case you've been hiding from us for the last two days, you might have heard us mention (one million or so times) that we went to our first wedding show in a very, long time at the weekend. 

The one we chose to (re) debut ourselves at was Tie the Knot, a unique and eclectic wedding carnival, and I have to say, the whole thing was absolutely perfect for us. The lovely couples who came to meet us were right up our street and were so in to our lovely wedding tea towels that it made us feel all warm, fuzzy and most importantly, totally creative.

So massive thank you to everyone we met from the all important lovely couples, to the gorgeous fellow suppliers, to the fab families of soon to be wed couples that were scouting on behalf of their loved ones.

We had a blast!

In the meantime though, if you want to chat anything over then do email me on karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk or you can see all our designs right here. 

Maybe meet you all again soon!
Karen & Ben xx