6 Wedding Trends for 2019 that you've probably not thought of...

Creating wedding invites is basically like being in a time machine. It's a direct trip in to the future.

You might all still be welcoming in the new year but over here, we're already well in to 2018 and we've noticed a few trends forming so here are The Original Wedding Tea Towels top 5 wedding trend predictions for 2018. Settle in, have a read and then get yourselves straight over to Pinterest.

In no particular order, here we go...

1. Wedding Tea Towel Invitations

Your invitations are the first memory that you're going to create of your incredible day, so why not send something your guests will never forget, a cotton tea towel with your information on it makes for the most unique wedding invitation ever! The Original Wedding Tea Towels have loads of amazing designs, and Karen will guide you through the whole process, which should only take 2-3 weeks from start to finish! Take a look at some of the designs below;

2. Wreaths

As versatile as they are beautiful, wreaths can be worked in to your wedding theme in a million (approx.) ways. Go for full floral, full foliage, both, neither, add feathers, add hay or even lights. Have them illustrated on your stationery or built by your florist on the day, they'll always look sensational FOR SURE.

3. Brights

Yes, yes, yes and yes! We are in love with wedding brights. Always have and we always will. Soft pastels look dreamy but we can't help but love the bright, welcome vibrancy of a super fun hot pink or electric blue.

Wedding Tea Towels advert

4. Modern vintage

No one can deny that all things vintage are still going strong and looking fabulous but we're also seeing many more modern twists being added in.

The Modern Vintage theme is just pure and striking simplicity. Strong typography (massive high fives from us on this one) and uncluttered design to keep your style simple, unfussy and sophisticatedly beautiful.

5. Mismatch

Mismatched colours, patterns and textures add a super playful and interesting twist to the day. Just imagine bridesmaids wearing colour complimenting dresses to suit their actual shape & style, flowers that look like they've picked randomly in a beautiful meadow or a colour explosion on each table with favours in all the colour of the rainbow. Ahhhh... lovely.

6. Geometric

What a totally cool design addition to your wedding theme. Beautiful shades of colour offset by bold geometric prints. What could be more striking and help you to mix up the look of your day. Throw in some metallics as well and you'll be on to a sure winner.

Visit www.weddingteatowels.co.uk to see all of our Invite, Favour and Save the Date designs, or give me a call on 01908 282 606 and we can start planning your invitation today.