How to ‘zero waste’ your wedding invites

wedding invitesMassive thanks to 'Love our Wedding' for showing their couples how to Zero Waste their wedding invites with our very own, wedding tea towels.

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Or review the highlights below but overall the message is 'Think green when planning weddings, the earth is counting on you. Sustainable weddings are here to stay!


Of course, there is the tea towel itself. It’s not going to end up straight in landfill like most other invitations, it’s something your guests can actually make use of every single day.
Your invitations are the first memory that you’re going to create of your incredible day, so why not send something your guests will never forget? A cotton tea towel with your information on it, makes for the most unique wedding invitations. After the event, you can hang the invites just casually in the kitchen as tea towels. Use it as an apron, protect your outfit on your big day and then forever more.
wedding invites
Your tea towel invites will make fab venue decorations – hang them, frame them, use them as a guest book, the options are endless! We love the idea of using one of your invitations as a guest book on your wedding day. Frame it and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous memory hanging on your wall to make you smile every day.


The boxes or envelopes you send your invitations out in can be recycled, (or reused for that matter) and if you’re really on your game then you could use recycled packaging to begin with so that’s double world karma points for you. You can turn your wedding tea towel into a Wall art or cushions – when the designs are beautiful, it makes sense!
You may also use your wedding tea towels as blankets. A cool, cotton baby cover up for the summer months, this could be handed down for generations. Talk about a forever memory. 

The days of sending guests home with personalised favours they’ll ultimately throw away, are becoming a thing of the past too.  Sure everyone enjoys a chocolate on their place setting but once that’s gone, it’s gone and forgotten. Wedding tea towels make great favours for a thoughtful sustainable option your guests will actually use.
Or, pop them in the post after the wedding as one final, eternally lasting, thank you to everyone you love for sharing your day and no doubt being super generous with your gift lists! (they’ll never forget your anniversary!)
You could also turn your wedding tea towel in a memory bear each for any little ones (or future little ones!) in the family.
wedding invites

So if you want to choose a wedding invite that your guests can actually keep and use rather than toss in the bin, get in touch today to chat through our designs. Email me or take a look at our full design gallery.

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