Why you should absolutely invest in your wedding invitations

We know the struggle, we've been there ourselves. You have a wedding budget, a hundred ideas and a million wedding suppliers all trying to convince you they should be awarded a prestigious spot on your wedding spreadsheet!

So why should you invest in your wedding invitation, well we'll tell you! (in bullet point format because it's summer holidays and the three children are actually doing an obstacle course around me as I type!)

  • Imagine the 2020 letterbox of your guests... card wedding invite, card wedding invite, yawn... wait, WEDDING TEA TOWEL INVITE! Whaaaat?? Expect to hear lots of 'Best invite ever'.
  • Your invites are the first official communication about your wedding - they set the tone that your day is going to be the one to be excited for, the one that is going to stand out.
  • Leave your guests wondering what else you'll have in store - I can almost guarantee they'll become a conversation starter at the wedding and probably feature in the speeches. I know ours did!
  • Eco friendly wedding? Show it from the start! A wedding invite that can actually be used and kept out of landfill. Click here for more ways to Zero Waste your wedding

Get in touch now if you're planning your 2019 / 2020 wedding. We'd love to talk to you about your invites. You won't regret it and you'll be amazed by the response from your guests. Email me - I'm ready to chat!

Bye for now!
Karen xx