The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing your wedding invitations... because let's face it, you've spent your hard earned cash on them so no way should they end up in the bin!

1. Venue decorations. Hang them, frame them, use them as a guest book.

2. An blanket. Talk about a forever memory. This could be handed down for generations. It's unbelievable. 

3. On the subject to blankets. A cool 100% cotton baby cover up for the summer months. Arrrrrrr...

4. An apron. Protect your outfit on your big day and then forever more. 

5. Wall art - when the designs are this beautiful, it makes sense. 

6. Cushions!

7. Bag dispenser.

8. Not forgetting out favourite furry friends either. Dry them off after a walk or simply use it to turn them in to SUPER PUP!

9. Of course, you can just quite simply use them as a tea towel.

OR you could just go for invites that will go in the bin, never to be seen, remembered or talked about ever again. Your choice...

If you want to see all our designs then go take a look in our Gallery or 
if you have any questions then just drop me an email to chat things through. 

Bye for now
Karen x