Who are Wedding Tea Towels?

These aren't my favourite posts... I much prefer to talk about our beautiful tea towels than me but sometimes I just like to pop by and say hello so you can put a face to our small business.

I'm Karen, my husband is Ben and together with our three mini workers, we invented and have been running Original Wedding Tea Towels for 10 years later this week. 10 YEARS! 

Over the years, we've worked with so many wonderful couples. The great thing about our wedding tea towels is that it just naturally seems to appeal to the most lovely, friendly brides and grooms.

Maybe they're for couples who love the thought of announcing their big day in a really different, interesting way and want to give their guests a special momento, maybe it's because our couples seem to see their wedding as a special day for all their friends and family, a time for being together and for everyone to have a bloody ace time!

Why not make your guests sure that's the plan from the very first moment!

It's my job to keep the first major part of the planning as stress free and exciting as possible and I love it and can't wait for more, more, MORE in 2020!

Get in touch if you want to say hello, or need any more information on our wedding tea towels. To see our designs, visit our Gallery or I would be happy to email our full design book to you so you can see the full range. 

Bye for now. 
Karen x