Friday, 16 June 2017

The biggest wedding trend happening right now... The Zero Waste Wedding.

"Zero waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles 
so that all products are reused and no rubbish is sent to landfill'

Yes! We hate waste, and we are super keen on doing 
everything we can to reduce it in our own home, and also to spend some time 
trying to encourage the idea of working some zero waste ideas in to your own weddings.

This got me thinking and wondering about whether we are actually part of that crew. 
And I think we just might be. 

Of course, there is the TEA TOWEL itself - massive REUSE points. It's not going to 
end up in landfill like most other invitations, it's something your guests can keep and 
reuse every single day.

The PACKAGING whether it be boxes or envelopes, can all be RECYCLED (or reused 
for that matter) and if you're really on your game, you can use recycled packaging to begin 
with so that's double world karma points for you. Same with our printed information cards, 
if you'd like them printed on to recycled card to begin with, just say the word and it's done. 

The STRING, snip it off and REUSE it for something else around your home. You might 
not need it today or tomorrow but next week, you'll will find a fabulous use for it. I'm sure of it!

*Reuse, recycle, reduce* we hear you chant and we are right there with you.

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Bye for now.

Karen & Ben xx

Friday, 2 June 2017

Spotted! On IDEAL HOME *screams*

Love it when a message drops in from one of my gorgeous friends to say we've been spotted.

One of our fab wedding tea towel invites is ONLY on Ideal Home! Wah ha ha ha ha! 

Trevor & Vickie framed one, popped it up in their bathroom and it looks sensational. 
The black and white with yellow pops are a dreamy combo. Bathroom goals!

This is our Penny Friendly design but all our other designs can be found on in a  our Gallery 
and if you've got any questions then email me right now. 

Bye for now
Karen xx

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

These two reactions to a wedding tea towel invite are ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Firstly, massive thanks so much to Matt & Lisa for letting us share this shot of their friend receiving his wedding tea towel invitation. He looks pretty chuffed by it, right? He sure does. But wait...

That's only half the fabulousness of this photo. If you ever needed any more proof that wedding tea towels are the only way to wow your guests then stop and take a look at the lovely lady in the backgrounds face. It's pure amazement. We literally live for these photos. Thanks a mil Matt & Lisa!

Here's how they were packaged up before the grand reveal...

Amazing job guys!

Talk to me today about how you can make your invitations the best invitation your guests have ever seen or check out all our designs for yourself, then tell me your fave. 

Bye for now
Karen xx

Friday, 5 May 2017

Everyone loves food, right? So share your fave recipe with your guests. Even better if it's an old family one!

True Inspiration Story Incoming.

I was making my Great Grandmas' Tea Loaf recipe the other morning and it got me thinking 
about two things that actually go together more closely than... umm... Ant n' Dec and that is - 

Why not use our Love Poets design to share your own family recipe with your guests. 

You can put any wording you'd like on this design so if it's a recipe you choose to share 
with your guests then who are we to stop you! Tell you something else as well, 
we won't charge you a penny more to do this so get sharing!

Oh and feel free to give my Great Grandmas' recipe a whirl. It's pretty darn tasty!

See you soon.
Karen xx

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

BRAND NEW DESIGN... Introducing Grand Deco

We are delighted to introduce to you our latest brand new creation... the Grand Deco. 

Looking truly splendid, this marvellous design is soaked in all the splendour and style from 
the Art Deco era. This spiffing invitation will give your day the announcement it deserves. 

Now sit down tiger and pass me my Gin. 

For more information on this and all of our other designs, check out our Design gallery 
and if you've got any questions then just drop me an email.

Ta ta for now my ol' chums.
Karen x

Friday, 31 March 2017

Prosecco Parties... oh sorry, I mean Wrapping Parties.

Come on, get the gang over, crack open a bottle of Prosecco 
and get to wrapping your fabulous wedding tea towels. 

*record scratch* Package them...? In what? How? 
Panic over, we're here to give you the answers you've been looking for. 

We recommend you wrap and send your tea towels in one of two ways usually 
(...actually with a secret third way chucked in). 

One - Postage boxes and super gorgeous accessories! 
Look below to see why I particularly love these ones.

This bird paper from Hobbycraft gives me ALL the feels.

The ribbon... oh how I love this ribbon. So perfect! Especially to match our grey on natural print.

Literally, every single time I look at these ones. I come over all emotional. I ADORE the family photo inside the lid. I just think it makes their wedding invitations so special and personal and so much more touching.

A personalised sticker to seal the tissue paper? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and YES! Close up below.

The full set. The cards, the confetti, the string. Nothing says this wedding is going to be awesome than opening this package as a first introduction to it.

Option Two - Classic Brown Paper

Classic, elegant, hugely exciting to receive through your letterbox and simple to post out. The Brown Paper look is a firm favourite of ours, as you'll notice if you've received one of our samples! It's how we do it.

Option Three - However you blimin' well want to send them. Do your thing, your way. 
Go as crazy and creative as you want, just make sure you remember to show 
me when you're done so I can go all gooey eyed over them.

These coloured bright envelopes look fabulous laid out together, the compliment the grey print beautifully. Brights rock my world when they are used like this. 

Vintage wrapping paper - it's vintage, it's beautiful and it actually looks like each one of your guests is being given an actual present. Which they are. Spot on. 

So these are just a small selection of our Wrapping Superstars (basically where you see how others have sent their wedding tea towels are steal their ideas), you can see the full Album on our Facebook page. It really is worth going over to have a look for inspiration, ideas and to get yourself all excited over how you might decide to send yours. 

If you've got any questions in the meantime, then do email me or you can take a look at our full design Gallery here

Be in touch soon!
Karen xx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bespoke artworks by Original Wedding Tea Towels

Ever wondered what a bespoke tea towel artwork from Original Wedding Tea Towels looks like? Sure you might love all our classic designs on the website but sometimes, we know that they just might not be quite what you're looking for.

Maybe you want to show off your venue in advance of your guests arriving on your big day, maybe you and your future spouse love a hobby so much you just can't imagine getting married without it featuring in there. Maybe it's where you met? Maybe it's where you're both from? It could be anything!

And to show you how varied it could be... here are a sample of some of our bespoke artworks. Feast your eyes on these.

And an oldie but I still love the detail it gives their guests, so here is one from years ago.

And look at this lovely ornate border on this gorgeous one.

And finally, I think I'll save the Gino D'Campo story for another day...

If you'd like to talk to us about a bespoke design then just email and we can chat things over. Otherwise, take a browse through our classic designs and I'm sure you'll find something you'll fall in love with in there.

Bye for now folks.
Karen & Ben x

Thursday, 2 March 2017

6 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Tea Towel Invitation

So for some reason you can't decide if Wedding Tea Towels are going to blow everyone's minds, and make your wedding the best day ever, well lucky for you we're here to help you decide, with our 100% unbiased '6 reasons for choosing a Wedding Tea Towel invitation'.

1. The look on their faces.
Once you give out your invites your guests reactions will make it all worthwhile, and 10 on 10 it'll get a mention in at least one of the speeches.

Look how Happy she is!

2. They'll be around for ever.
Nobody is going to forget your Wedding Anniversary if your invite is hanging in their kitchen for years to come.

Open the Prosecco, get some snacks out and have your bezzies round to help fold and wrap your beautiful Wedding Invitations.

Wrapping Superstars
Wrapping Superstar

4. The RSVPs are amaze!
Once you set the bar this high, expect some of your more creative guests to RSVP back in other interesting ways. See some of the best ones here:

5. Our customers love us
We like to look after the couples we work with and our motto has always been 'create every invite like it's our own'. You can read a whole bunch of gushing praise here:

6. Another part of your day you'll never forget.
Trust us, you will never have this conversation:
You: "Dean, what did we do for our invitations?"
Bob: "Sarah, I have no idea, it was 57 years ago."
...It's a wedding invitation you'll never forget.

See! Easy choice right? 

For orders & samples email:
Take a look at to see our full range of designs.

Wedding Planners get in touch for a sample, bloggers hit us up for a media pack.

So ponder on this lovely people! 
Bye for now 
Karen x

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The ultimate wedding battle...

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, it's (X Factor voice over voice) 'White vs. Natural' material.

It's a toughie, the toughest of all I'd say after choosing your fave design of course. So here's a close up to show the difference.

And here are a ton of photos to show how they look printed. Hope these help make your decision making a little easier.

Lilac on White Letterpress Love:

Violet on White Apple Tree:

 Gala on Natural Tookies Paradise:

 Fuchsia on Natural Secret Garden:

And to finish with, it's a pile of White vs Natural loveliness:

So which will you choose? I just don't know. Don't look at me though. I can't decide which I prefer either!

If you have any questions or need anything else then drop me an email or you can visit our Gallery to see all our designs.

See you soon
Karen xx

Monday, 30 January 2017

Why the heck do we have to do that? Wedding questions answered by me, Karen Brown!

I can't remember exactly why, but the other day I started wondering why we do certain stuff at weddings. Obviously, we are a pretty non traditional kinda family over here but even so, we still followed a lot of the traditional rules and etiquettes at our own wedding and it got me wondering where the heck these ideas came from... of course, there are loads out there but these ones are my favourite and thought I'd share them with you for a little light Monday lunchtime reading... here goes.

PS Before you start, I must tell you that I am a absolutely MASSIVE fan of the complete bonkersness* of the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen one and also Throwing the Bouquet! 

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Traditionally at each wedding there were 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen and they all dressed and had their hair etc exactly the same thinking that if they all looked the same as the bride & groom, they could confuse malicious forces and protect them from evil spirits so the demons wouldn't know who to target. *Cripes!*

Throw the bouquet
Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that stems from England. Women used to try to rip pieces of the bride's dress and flowers in order to obtain some of her good luck. To escape from the crowd the bride would toss her bouquet and run away. *Cripes again*

Ring on third finger of left hand
Apparently (according to the ancient Romans) there was thought to be a vein in the left ring finger, referred to as the 'Vena Amoris' or the 'Vein of Love' said to be directly connected to the heart. *sweet*

Cutting the cake
Wedding cakes take centre stage in the traditional cake cutting ceremony and is symbolically the first task that bride and groom perform jointly as husband and wife. 

The tradition of throwing confetti over the bride and groom comes from Italy. Before paper confetti, there were flowers, petals, grain or rice thrown at the happy couple, to bestow prosperity and fertility

The ‘Bomboniere’ was thought to be the first Wedding favour and was given out by the European Aristocracy and Upper Classes. Usually, a small porcelain or crystal trinket box often decorated with precious stones. The boxes usually contained sugar or confectionery which was a symbol of wealth and royalty. Over the years, ‘Bombonieres’ were replaced with almonds. These were given to guests to signify good wishes for the couple’s new life together. 5 almonds were given to signify Health, Wealth, Happiness, Fertility and Long Life. *Now of course though, the ultra cool and sassy, give out wedding tea towels*

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue
Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.

So obviously if you're having a wedding, you need to INVITE people to it first and so check out our wedding tea towels in our design gallery. Choose your favourite and then give me a shout on

Bye for now. 
Karen x 

* I do know bonkersness isn't a real word x