Wondering what's the most popular month to get married...

Well if your own booked up wedding diary doesn't already answer this question for you, 
then allow me. 


Yup, the lovely, (sometimes) sunny month of August. And why wouldn't it be.

Closely followed by...

September, and then of course...

... trailing up the rear is June & July. 

I've got to say though, as someone who works on wedding invites literally all the time, I really feel these 'traditionally' popular months are phasing out now and weddings are a year round event. 

Long gone are the always on a Saturday summer weddings. Couples are doing their own thing on their own time and if that means tying the knot on a Thursday then so be it. I'm sure loved ones wouldn't miss it for the world no matter what day of the week or month of the year!

Whenever you're getting married though, wedding tea towels are your zero waste wedding invitation to show your guests that THIS is going to be the wedding of the year! Our lead time is around 3 weeks so make sure you leave enough time to kick your wedding journey off in style.

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Speak soon, 
Karen xx