The biggest wedding trend happening right now... The Zero Waste Wedding.

"Zero waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles 
so that all products are reused and no rubbish is sent to landfill'

Yes! We hate waste, and we are super keen on doing 
everything we can to reduce it in our own home, and also to spend some time 
trying to encourage the idea of working some zero waste ideas in to your own weddings.

This got me thinking and wondering about whether we are actually part of that crew. 
And I think we just might be. 

Of course, there is the TEA TOWEL itself - massive REUSE points. It's not going to 
end up in landfill like most other invitations, it's something your guests can keep and 
reuse every single day.

The PACKAGING whether it be boxes or envelopes, can all be RECYCLED (or reused 
for that matter) and if you're really on your game, you can use recycled packaging to begin 
with so that's double world karma points for you. Same with our printed information cards, 
if you'd like them printed on to recycled card to begin with, just say the word and it's done. 

The STRING, snip it off and REUSE it for something else around your home. You might 
not need it today or tomorrow but next week, you'll will find a fabulous use for it. I'm sure of it!

*Reuse, recycle, reduce* we hear you chant and we are right there with you.

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Bye for now.

Karen & Ben xx