The ultimate wedding battle...

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, it's (X Factor voice over voice) 'White vs. Natural' material.

It's a toughie, the toughest of all I'd say after choosing your fave design of course. So here's a close up to show the difference.

And here are a ton of photos to show how they look printed. Hope these help make your decision making a little easier.

Lilac on White Letterpress Love:

Violet on White Apple Tree:

 Gala on Natural Tookies Paradise:

 Fuchsia on Natural Secret Garden:

And to finish with, it's a pile of White vs Natural loveliness:

So which will you choose? I just don't know. Don't look at me though. I can't decide which I prefer either!

If you have any questions or need anything else then drop me an email or you can visit our Gallery to see all our designs.

See you soon
Karen xx