USA reality TV show WINS at choosing wedding invites

Yep, that's right... you wake up one morning and your email is practically broken because a couple in a US reality TV show have suggested they are going to use wedding tea towels. 

It took FBI level searching for me to piece it all together but eventually I discovered it was Vanderpump Rules. Now, it's been a steep learning curve this week and this is where I am at:

1. Vanderpump Rules is a US spin off of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and follows a mum / restaurant owner and the frolics and drama of the restaurants and I quote, 'wild group of employees'. You can imagine the rest. 

2. Despite what they lady from the invitation shop on the show said, they do not cost $18 per invite... I wish they did. I'd be rich I tell you!

3. We love our American neighbours *massive wave* but I am going to go out there and say that mostly, you guys seem thoroughly confused as to what a tea towel is. Let me help... I think you guys may be call them dish towels and you've also probably never printed a wedding invitation on them before, you're maybe a bit confused but don't be, it's awesome and you'll love it. 

More incoming as I work it all out but all in all, good times, I love a TV mention.

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Karen xx