My superpower...

Some have super strength, some have x ray vision and some have bad ass kung fu fighting skills. Me? I have the power to... sniff out a wedding. Literally ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

Take our recent holiday for example, we were cruising around the Mediterranean, perhaps not much chance to spot a wedding for you regular folk but for me, easy.

We got off the boat... I mean ship (you're not allowed to call 'her' a boat apparently) in Italy and off we went on a bus to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and look what was going on. A wedding. I mean that's got to be up there with the best as a pretty special place to get married.

Then, on the ship, I just went for a wonder around the decks and what do I spy happening in The Bridge? You guessed it.

I did also see another bride but I was walking behind her and thought she'd think I was bonkers if I started taking her photo so you'll just have to trust me on that one.

So, there is it. Wherever there is a wedding, I will be there. No sweat.

Hope you're all having a lovely Summer and doing lots of lovely things.

Bye Bye for now.
Karen x

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