Unbelievable way to remember every moment of your wedding.

So you've got a lovely photo album on the side to remember your wedding day by, have you? Perhaps a few beautiful shots dotted around your house? Us too.

BAM! Look at what Scott & Melanie have done. They've totally upstaged us all and had a wedding quilt made. Well. I. Never!

Here is what Melanie had to say about this lovely creation:

I decided that one of the most expensive things I've ever bought, that I wore on the best day of my life, didn't deserve to be shut away in the wardrobe, never to be admired again (stains and all!) sooooo my wedding dress met the scissors!

My friend, Jane's, awesome seamstress skills have made my wedding dress quilt a reality. I managed to incorporate everything from our tea towel favour, marquee bunting and the tie my bother wore to the sash from my hen party, Scott's tartan and even the material we brought on our Kenyan honeymoon. So many stories all sewn into one!

This may have been a silly question on reflection but I asked if they were planning on using it, and if like me, you are wondering what the plan is, then I can tell you they are going to hang it in their stairwell. Proud as punch, which is exactly what it deserves!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Melanie! Safe to say, we likey. A lot!

Until next time gang...

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Karen x