Why do bridal models always look so blinkin' bored and moody?

There's this little boutique wedding dress maker that I walk past every week when I take our daughter to ballet. I'll give her a shout out - luciegreenbridal.co.uk - in Kingston, Milton Keynes. I don't know her or her business so this isn't a mention she has asked for!

Anyway, as I was saying, every week, I walk past her shop and she has an A Frame poster outside and it has a beautiful bridal model on it and I honestly think the reason I noticed it, was because... wait for it... 

... the model was actually SMILING. Look!

Like, smiling like she was happy to be getting married of all things!

Why doesn't this happen more often?! Flicking through the wedding magazines, all the dress models look sooooooo miserable. I really don't get it! They are trying to sell you the dress that you are supposed to wear on the happiest day of your life! I'm sure there is some well market researched reason for their surly faces but it's just baffling to me. 

So, more smiles please models. I'm sure they'll listen to me! The true voice of authority on this subject.

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Karen xx