Plan the Cutest Modern Vintage Wedding EVER!

This week we're lucky to have a guest piece from the lovely @emilycleaton85.

Are you dreaming of arranging a modern vintage wedding? It is becoming increasingly popular, as many couples are adding vintage feel to their modern weddings. Crystal chandeliers, jewel coloured attire, homemade favours, and white lace fabrics are just a few things that can help you to plan a vintage wedding with a modern twist.
Picking an old-fashioned theme to tie the knot will surely make your big day memorable and elegant. 1920’s theme and rock 'n 'roll 50's style are some of the most popular wedding themes that are perfect for couples who fancy a classy affair.
If this sounds exciting to you, we are delighted to be bringing you this guide. Plan the most perfect modern day vintage wedding, by following our convenient and easy list. 

Location Matters 
A wedding location can make a huge difference to the theme, flow, and delight of the day. Long-established churches, classy stately rooms, and wedding banquet halls are some of the wedding venues that can help you to add a traditional look to your big day. Couples who are looking for a vintage wedding venue in England can browse the list at But, if you already have a venue in mind, then you can relax and enquire it for bookings. Be flexible in choosing the wedding date, as this will help you to get good package deals and cheaper rates.

Select the Perfect Dress
The thought of organizing a modern vintage wedding is to make the most of particular things from the past and highlighting it with a modern twist. It is not essential to splurge thousands of pounds on an exclusive traditional wedding gown. There are number of wedding designers that can design a handmade wedding dress for you at a highly reasonable price. Suzanne Neville, Caroline Castigliano, and Jenny Packham are some of the names that are at the forefront of British Design. You can visit the official sites of these designers to view the latest collection of wedding gowns.

Hello Bridesmaids! 
Where ‘modern’ stands for new-fashioned or stylish, ‘vintage’ denotes something from the past of excellence (especially something demonstrating the best of its kind). Your bridesmaids can wear bold colours that can add drama to your vintage gala. Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Olivia de Havilland are some of the inspiration divas that you can follow. Watch their hairstyles, makeup, and costumes to get the perfect 1920’s look.

Fantastic Favours 
Why not say good bye to your guests with some customized favours that they will love. These wedding favours will not only add a little bit of originality to the event, but also make your guests smile. Sweet treat favours, stamped spoons, and tea towels are some of the ideas that you can consider. One of my colleagues had gifted tea towels to his guests on the big day. He hired the service of, and they created the most memorable things about his wedding. 

Donning Decors
Old wooden wine barrels, wooden platters, and ivory wedding post boxes spread a nice glow and channel an elegant feel. A little creativity can help you to give your venue a complete different look. To decorate the side tables, you can use crystal chandeliers, vintage candleholders, and Hessian fabrics. An elegant embellishment or even a retro typewriter for people to write their own personal message is also a good idea for your modern vintage wedding. If you are a photo fanatic, then you can also consider a Polaroid camera that are getting so fashionable these days. The key to decorate your wedding venue is that there are fixed no rules, catch your ideas from web and put your own charm.  

Follow Customs and Traditions
For an elegant, vintage wedding, don’t forget to incorporate heartfelt traditions. For instance, you and your spouse should stay away from seeing each other before the official wedding celebration. Ask your father or grandfather to walk you down the aisle and give you away. The last one is to toss the wedding bouquet during the function. It is believed that the single woman to catch the bouquet would be the first to get married hence forth. 
These modern vintage wedding ideas will assist you in creating a right mood for the event. Follow these tips to plan your dream wedding.