November is nearly out... which means, so is our offer for 3 card artworks for just 85 bucks and our guarantee of pre Christmas delivery.

November is nearly out... there are only 6 working days left, which means a few things:

1. It's not much longer until I go all out Christmas in everyones faces - be ready. It'll be messy.
2. The deadline for orders with guaranteed pre Christmas delivery is nearly here (end Nov)
3. The end of our choose 3 cards for £85 artwork offer is nigh.

So, what do I think you need to do? Email me on immediately and get your order placed.

Don't wait or you might miss out on that magical moment when you see all your friends and family over the holidays and hand them the most amazing wedding invitation they've ever seen.

You can see all our designs here.

Bye for now.
Karen xx