Uh-oh... it's annual review time...

Oh gosh... I've been hauled in to the bosses office this morning and been given a right grilling over just exactly how happy our customers are. We (actually it was just me... on my own. I hauled myself in) went through the feedback from over 425 couples and this is what we found out:

SO! Will Ben & I be walking around in a circle smacking each others bottoms or patting each other on the back. Let's see...

Question to our beautiful couples:
Overall, how happy were you with the service you received?

94% were VERY happy. Oh boy, what about the other 6%.... S'OK everybody they were still mega happy just not quite so enthusiastically over the moon as the others. 

RESULT - Pat on the back (phew)

How happy were you with your finished tea towels?

94% thought they were pretty much all they could ask for and gave them a whopping 5 out of 5 'amazing' score. And the other 6% thought they were just everso slightly less than the best thing they've ever seen in their whole entire lives.

RESULT - Pat on the back (defo)

How did the tea towel cost compare to the other stationery options you considered?

Over half of our budget savvy couples said that Original Wedding Tea Towels were either About the same price, Competitive or Very Competitive. So that's all good. Very good.
And a load of the rest who answered didn't even look at any other options. They just saw our designs, loved 'em and knew they had to have them. Simple as that!

Even those who thought they worked out slightly more than their paper options didn't mind once they had them in their hands saying:

Although slightly more expensive, worth every penny for such a unique invitation.
Slightly more than the paper stationery we looked at but a fantastic idea and definitely worth the little bit extra.

RESULT - Pat on the back

So in summary, everything seems to be in order. Back pats all round!

If you still need convincing that we are totally the right option and completely bad ass at this then have a look at what more of our happy couple say here.

And if you'd like any more information on our tea towels then email me on karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk or visit our gallery here.

Come on, join our long list of happy couples. We're all really rather very cool together you know.

Later tea towel lovers.

Karen xx