Stuck for tea towel wording? Not any more!

You've decided you're going to send out tea towels to all your guests to wow them but what on earth will you write on them?

Well the first thing you need to know is that you can put WHATEVER WORDING YOU'D LIKE ON THERE. You don't need to stick to our examples at all but if you are stuck and in need of some inspiration then how about these for some suggestions:


So you obviously need the basics... like this:

Karen & Ben 
are getting married

2pm, Saturday 12 December 2013
Lovely Hotel / Church, Beautiful Street, Pretty Village, Scenic County, L00 VEE

But then, the main wording... hmm, what to put... how about:

Karen & Ben, together with their families, would love you to join them as they celebrate their marriage. Dinner and Dancing will follow the ceremony.

Please RSVP by 8th October to or text 07739 034331.

Or maybe this:

Karen, Ben, Archie & Lola, together with their families, would be delighted if you'd join them as they become man and wife. Dinner, drinking and awkward but enthusiastic dancing will follow the ceremony at Lovely Reception Venue, Beautiful Street, Pretty Village, Scenic County, L00 VEE

One of our lovely couples used this wording recently and it really made me laugh so I asked if I could pinch it and luckily, she said yes:

Fizz, food, funky dancing and a free bar* to follow at Lovely Reception Venue, Beautiful Street, Pretty Village, L00 VEE. Together with our amazing families, we would love you to be there!

Crazy RSVPs encouraged! or text 07739 034331.
*Only joking, we aren't completely mad!

Fancy something a little more traditional:

Mr & Mrs Wilson request the pleasure of your company to celebrate the wedding of their daughter, Karen Mary Patricia to Benjamin Anthony Brown. A reception will follow at the Grand Venue, Beautiful Street, L00 VEE.

Please RSVP to Mr & Mrs Wilson, Mum Road, Dad Town, PAR 3NTZ

Got kids:

Archie & Lola would be everso excited if you'd join them as their mummy and daddy get married. Dinner and dancing will follow the ceremony. We'd love to see you there!
Let Mum and Dad know if you can make it on 07739 034331 or email

Remember you can always add a little note at the bottom to your guests, like:
For more information and to RSVP, visit
Carriages at midnight
Please RSVP or bring a sandwich and a chair!
Don't forget your dancing shoes! 
Bring Wellies! 


Sending your tea towels out as Save the Dates, how about this for your wording:

Yay! We're getting married and whilst we sort out the details, we want to make sure you've got the date free, so put it in your diary!


We would be delighted if you'd join us on our special day, so please save the date. Invitations with full details will follow in the Spring.

Or keep it simple:

Karen & Ben 
are getting married

Saturday 12 December 2013
Please save the date...

Formal invitation to follow.


Want to say thank you, what better way than this:

Our day was perfect, and we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for your gift and your company, we'll treasure it forever. Love Mr & Mrs Brown xx

Or how about:

Thank you for celebrating our wedding with us. It's been the best day ever! And thank you for all your love and support.

Our main advice though is to make it sound like it's coming from you, make sure you get all the facts in there, and remember to spell check it!

So hopefully this gives you a few ideas of where to start, either go straight ahead and copy it from us or make it your own. Either way, we are ready and waiting.... Let's go!

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See you later xxx