NEW DESIGNS: Not one... but TWO new designs!

Pardon? How many new designs do we have, you asked? Just one... oooooh no, oh no no no no - not just one actually but TWO!

Take a lookie.

First we have... 'English Tea Party'. Just perfect for your lovely tea party wedding. Just picture it, you're sitting with your friends on a blanket, in the sunshine, sipping tea, eating cakes, laughing and just generally having a jolly good time old chaps.

And even if it's not sunny. You cares. You can all put your tea towels over your heads for protection from the rain.

Take a closer look at English Tea Party here.

And then.... it's not over yet!

Design two for all your mega trendy nautical lovers out there. Hop aboard the Love Boat (turns out my references aren't as trendy as this wedding tea towel). Introducing 'Under the Sea'...

Up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun the slave away. while we devotin', full time to floatin' UNDER THE SEA!

Take a closer look here.

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Hope you like them! Let us know!