INTRODUCING: Welcome to the World Baby Announcement Tea Towels

Yep, that's right folks. First comes love and then comes... babies! Screaming, poo'ing, cheeky monkey babies! And what better way to announce your new arrival to the world than with a our brand new baby tea towels.

We'll pop their little chubby chops on there and you can give us all the other details you want to tell your friends and family.

And just imagine if you hold on to one, in 18 years time, presenting them with their own tea towel that you had printed when they were brand new. I think that would be a pretty extraordinary moment!

Of course, like some other mums already have, you are welcome to use one of our classic wedding designs to announce your little one but if you want something to show the world how proud you are of your little bundle then this tea towel is 'almost' as special as the little arrivals themselves!

You can take a look at our full design gallery here. And if you'd like a quote or any more information then you can email me on

Have a nice Sunday everyone.