RADIO INTERVIEW: BBC 3 Counties Radio - Drive time

I TOTALLY DID MY FIRST RADIO INTERVIEW YESTERDAY! On BBC 3 Counties Radio - they picked up the story from the Mail Online and wanted to chat to me about how we came up with the idea and our tea towels in general.

I was mega mega mega nervous but I think it went well. My Nan said I did brilliantly and 'spoke lovely' so I must have been OK!

A little disappointed that the whole thing ended on me saying these words... 'I'm all about the drugs'... but I'm blaming the pressure of being in the spotlight.*

If you feel so inclined you can listen to the interview here - on BBC iPlayer - I am on at about 1.50 mins in to the show.

See you later listeners (couldn't decide if it was too much to call you listeners after being on the radio for a mere 2-3 mins but decided I'd go with it anyway).

Oh and if you'd like your own wedding tea towels then take a look here to see all our designs or fill out our online sample / quote / order form here.


*I was talking about labour pain relief at the time.