Customer Feedback - Happy, happy, happy!

So, we've been asking our lovely clients to fill out a little questionnaire for us once their tea towels have arrived to see how they're feeling. And the news is G.O.O.D! No, it's better than good. It's amazing!

92% of our clients were the max. happy they could be with our service (ah HA but what about the other 8% you might be thinking, well they were still - quite simply - happy). Just not quite as deliriously happy as the other 92%!

AND... there's more:

98% of couples experienced the maximum amount of happiness when they received their finished towels. (again, don't worry, the remaining 2% were still - happy).

So all in all, good good good good happy happy GOOD! I didn't really have a supporting picture to express my feelings about this post SO this feedback makes me more happy than when we built this human pyramid, and you can see how happy we all look there!

Oh and from the brides who research all the options available, we are competitively priced and in most cases, nothing else even compares to our towels. So if you are getting married then check out our gallery at to find the invitation design that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd or just email me - - (that's me - pyramid level 3, on the left)