In the final days of our wedding planning we totted everything up and it turned out we'd underspent (if you can call it that). This meant we had a little bit of money in the budget to do something really special for our guests. We wanted to give something back to them to thank them for coming.

After going to a few weddings ourselves that year, and having a few bad heads in the morning we thought a kind of Hangover Cure might be a cool idea to give to everyone as they left. So we took the design from our towel, made our Whale look a little bit sad, and sent that to the bag printers. Then it was off to Costco to fill them with goodies.

We bought lots of as many bottles of water, packs of chewing gum, breakfast bars and chocolate we could afford and spent an evening stuffing the bags.

They were very popular, and everyone took one, and the bags themselves crop up all the time. We're often visiting friends and we can see it still in use. It's nice to think people are getting some genuine use out of them, it makes it feel like a good investment.

Now all this goodness is available to you, check out the new part to our site: Canvas Love Bags. And remember if you buy your Tea Towels from us and add a bags order on top, you get the artwork for the bag at half price, which is a big saving.

If you're interested then get in touch now, or visit the main Canvas Love Bags site for more information.

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