PRESS: My Gorgeous Wedding (UK)

Yikey  - My Gorgeous Wedding got excited about the invite, this has to be one of my favourite blogs posts ever, Check this out:
If you are a West African bride, you are soooo gonna get this. I mean how many ‘Peju is 2′ face clothes, handkerchiefs, bags, towels, bowls etc has your mother got at home?…c’mon, be truthful now! And the thing is those items are super tacky that you just want to hide them away and not put them on show as mummy does. 

I mean, I'm not a West Africa Bride, but it sounds amazing, it's a tradition I had no idea we'd tapped into and something I'm going to research this morning. Thanks so much to Modupe from the site, it's  really passionate piece and it put a smile on our faces this morning. Make sure you read the whole article here and then follow My Gorgeous Wedding on Twitter.

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