REVEALED - People with these two names are more likely to get married...

We've been doing this wedding tea towel gig for over 9 years now and working with wonderful couples who want to announce their day in the most unique and sustainable way - to send something to their guests that will stick around for years to come and not end up wasted money and thrown in the bin.

So, Ben and I were chatting the other evening and we came to wondering what the most popular couple combination of names was...

So, naturally, as these things tend to do, this became the very top priority for us and we devoted a LOT of our weekend to working out the best way to collate all of the names of our couples over the years and work out the answer. 


So, I can tell you that after 9 years and lots and lots of invitations, favours and save the dates. The couple name combination that is most popular is....


Amy & Dave!

Yep, Amy & Dave's of the world. You seem to have impeccable taste and love our wedding tea towels and we love your right back. 

Even if you're not called Amy & Dave, we can still hang out though so if you would like to chat through your invites, then drop me an email or take a look at our designs, choose your favourite and then get in touch!

Visit to see all of our designs, and also get an idea of pricing.

Bye for now. 
Karen x