Wedding disaster we can laugh about... now.

Wedding season is most definitely upon us so let's take a moment to learn a thing or two from those who have gone before us...

Children at your wedding? 

I'll kick this off with my own personal wedding disaster that involves, there is no nice way to say this basically, it's wee. 

The wee of our (then) 9 month old son. A boy... and we all know how that hose goes when they let it off. Well on this particular occasion, it went off good and proper, and it went all over me and all over my pristine wedding dress. 

So reminiscing about this, got me searching to find some other great wedding disaster stories. These are my favourites:

Speaking of children... giving them too much responsibility, perhaps not the best plan!

My four year old son was the ring bearer and, halfway down the aisle, he started scowling and ducked his head. When it made it to us, it was discovered that my ring was missing... in the 3in tall glass, somewhere along the 20ft aisle. When I say that every person at our wedding was on hands and knees scouring through the grass, I am not exaggerating. 

Spontaneous fire, no thanks.

My husband was reading cue cards for his speech. When finished with each one, he tossed them aside on the table where they promptly landed on a fairy light candle and went up in flames!

Turn off your phones, people! Dad we're looking at you.

My Dad's cellphone went off - loudly - just as we got to the front of the aisle. But he had changed his ringtone, so didn't recognise it as his, so we were all looking around like 'Whose phone is that?!'

Finally we figured it out. But instead of just signalling to my Dad that it was his, my fiancee reached into my Dad's jacket pocket, pulled out the phone, and answered it, pretending to by my Dad in-front of the whole congregation.

Here comes the bride... covered in Pimms, thanks to Grandma

The ceremony was over and we were all heading out for the confetti throw. Yay! Photographer at the ready to get the winning shot... only my Grandmother accidentally threw her drink over me... instead of her cup of confetti.

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Bye for now
Karen xx