Reducing Waste at your Wedding... good for the world and good for your bank account!

I read a really interesting article the other day all about waste at weddings. We are huge fans of Zero Waste over here at wedding tea towels as I'm sure you've noticed, I am often banging on about why our wedding tea towels are so great - because your guests can keep them and use them so won't end up in the bin.

On average apparently couples spend around £365 on edible favours for their guests and nearly 40% of interviewed guests said they throw them in the bin! What. A. Massive. Waste. Of time, money and effort.

That seems a lot to me when you can buy 50 of our wonderful usable wedding tea towels in one of our beautiful classic designs for just £199. What's more, even if you went for 100 the cost is STILL nearly £100 less than the average amount spent on edible favours. Join me when I say... wowzer.

So there are the facts, and you simply can't argue with them.

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See you soon
Karen xx