Bespoke artworks by Original Wedding Tea Towels

Ever wondered what a bespoke tea towel artwork from Original Wedding Tea Towels looks like? Sure you might love all our classic designs on the website but sometimes, we know that they just might not be quite what you're looking for.

Maybe you want to show off your venue in advance of your guests arriving on your big day, maybe you and your future spouse love a hobby so much you just can't imagine getting married without it featuring in there. Maybe it's where you met? Maybe it's where you're both from? It could be anything!

And to show you how varied it could be... here are a sample of some of our bespoke artworks. Feast your eyes on these.

And an oldie but I still love the detail it gives their guests, so here is one from years ago.

And look at this lovely ornate border on this gorgeous one.

And finally, I think I'll save the Gino D'Campo story for another day...

If you'd like to talk to us about a bespoke design then just email and we can chat things over. Otherwise, take a browse through our classic designs and I'm sure you'll find something you'll fall in love with in there.

Bye for now folks.
Karen & Ben x