Just realised, popping the question must be really REALLY nerve-wracking. What's your story?

I posted a video this week on our Facebook page of a Policeman proposing to his boyfriend at Gay Pride, it was one of those really heartwarming moments when you know you've just witnessed something special. Man, he must have been nervous.

And this got me thinking something that I haven't ever really given much thought to before... it must be really REALLY nerve wracking to propose.

I guess once you're at that stage, you're pretty confident they are going to say 'Yes' but then the pressure is on the asker to get the setting right, so the 'how did you pop the question?' story is always a winner at dinner parties.

We got engaged in 2007 in Cape Town. Ben had made me this gorgeous photobook of loads of the amazing stuff we'd done together and then the last page was a photo of the ring, and it said 'It's been fun, wanna do it forever?' I said yes and we were getting married. Horray!

Then we went out to a restaurant but I was too excited to eat and the people next to us just kept laughing at me because I spent the whole time gazing at my ring. Like this...

And pretending to talk to people properly but really all I was doing was looking how my ring looked at different angles / in different lights / different settings... had everyone noticed I was now an engaged woman?!

So that's how it happened for us and in case you're wondering Ben was absolutely petrified. So, what's your story?

Then when we got married, we decided to send out wedding tea towels... don't worry though, I'm not going to go through all that again. I'm pretty sure, as you're here with us, you already know how this story ended... and it's a weddingteatowels.co.uk

Bye for now
Karen xx