5 Other things you can do with your Wedding Tea Towel.

1. Wear it.
Yeah, that's right, who needs a Wedding Dress, this invitation doubles as the most important dress you'll ever own.

2. Whip It.
You know the score, roll it up and flick it at your partner's butt, how many other invitations can you do that with? I'll tell you none.

3. Dry With It.
Let's not forget you can dry up with it, I mean you probably won't want to, but if you're in a tight spot, and all your other towels are in the wash, you know it's there.

4. Snuggle It.
Feeling sleepy? Pass me that Wedding Tea Towel and let me curl up underneath it. OK this one might only apply to babies, but you can't do that with other invites.

5. Flag It!
Look at that beautiful flag rippling in the wind, what a world we live in! Wedding Tea Towels literally savings lives on the beach!

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