Wedding Trends 2016

For the last few years we've seen shifts in the things people want on their Wedding Tea Towels, and we're starting to look to the far off distant land of Summer 2016 and get our designs in place for what might be the Wedding Trends of the future.

Now, even though 2016 sounds like a long way off, it's unlikely that even then people will be getting married on the moon in Tinfoil dresses, no, we predict something much subtler. Here's 5 key trends we'll be looking at in our new tea towel designs over the next few months.

A Return to Tradition

OK, we admit there's no ancient tradition of sending Tea Towels as your invitation, when we invented it back in 2009, pretty much everyone thought we were stupid, and it turns out they were half right, we are stupid, but the WTT apparently is not.

A return to tradition for us might be to look are formalising the designs a little bit, and looking at traditional typography and how we can bring that into the design.

Light blue Hues

We're always looking at our colour pallet, and we can offer really any colour you want, just ask, but 2016 looks like it might be moving towards pastels and subtle tones.

We totally predicted this back in 2010, and already have a light blue in the cannon, it's called 'Sky Blue' yay us!


Feathers on wedding dresses are looking like a big trend for 2016. This is the kind of thing we like to be aware of, as sometimes this can form a theme around your day, and what better way to introduce a theme to your guests than on your Wedding Invitation or Save The Dates.

We'll look at incorporating this into the design, and rest assured, no birds will be harmed in the designs of our Wedding Tea Towels.

Floaty Watercolour Feels

Watercolour is a difficult look to pull off on Screen Printed tea towels, but this is something that could influence the designs, to move towards a softer, more abstract look. We think this kind of tonal, artistic style is going to play well in 2016.

A Simpler Time

Your big day so you can be as fussy as you like, we'll cater to your needs, but the blogs we've been reading are starting to hint at a shift towards a simpler, less stressful day, that's still amazing, but doesn't wipe everyone out before they get there.

We're here to take all the stress around your invitation away, we can help with colour decisions, and design choices, as well as being experts at the wording, so let us deal with all of that for you.


Anyway, they're our thoughts from the blogs we read about 2016, we'd love to know what you'd like to see on a Wedding Tea Towel for your invitation, so drop us your ideas in the comments section, or if they're a bit secret at the minute, then email and we can talk about your design.

Here's a link to all of our current designs: