What does every great British made film need? That's right... a great British made Official Tea Towel!

Unless you've been on another planet for the past couple of weeks, you've probably seen the trailers and may have even taken a trip to the movie theatre to see Nick Frosts latest film, Cuban Fury. It's all about Salsa. Hot, hot, Salsa dancing!

Well, take one guess who created the Official tea towel that went out the cast and crew?... We did!

I can't show the whole design as there is a naughty word at the bottom and we are a family friendly company.

Just imagine how many celebrities are drying up their fancy dishes with this tea towel. And more importantly, I have touched these tea towels, celebrities have touched these tea towels and therefore, I am practically holding hands with movie stars right now. So...

And remember if you're making your own movie called 'Life' and are getting married any time soon (does this tedious link between you and a film make any sense?), take a look at our website for our full range of amazing wedding tea towel designs.

Bye for now Buds xx