Happy 3rd Birthday Wedding Tea Towels!

Yes that's right everyone! If you've not noticed yet... it's our 3rd BIRTHDAY TODAY. Happy Birthday to us *party popper*.

I just whipped up this birthday cake this morning in celebration. It's alright, isn't it. I mean I only had a few minutes and the baby was being a bit fussy so I had her on my hip most of the time but I just did what I could. I'm pretty pleased though.

It's been an amazing and totally unexpected 3 years. I mean, who would have thought that two people could have invented and made an actual business out of creating tea towels... as wedding invitations! Turns out, it's what the wedding world has been waiting for all this time.

So we have big plans for the next year but I can't tell you what they are so you'll have to wait and see.

Thank you to every one who has made the last 3 years so brilliant.

Right, I'm off to touch base and do some blue sky thinking now, I'll probably use a flip chart (this is literally the only business speak I know).

Hope you all enjoy our birthday!

If you want to see what we've been creating for the last 3 years then check out our photo gallery here. And to see our full design gallery - go here.

K&B xx
(and Archie & Lola although to be fair, they don't really contribute that much).