Bringing Love Birds BANG up to date. 2012 Styleeee.

Ahhhh Love Birds... one of our early classic designs. One of our most popular and most importantly, most loved. We love it. You love it. And now, 2012 is going to love it as well!

Three years ago we started off the Original Wedding Tea Towel with the whale and Classic Heart and soon after, we introduced the Love Birds. And now we've decided she's worked hard for us and it's time we gave her a little TLC.

So, we've sent her to the spa for the day and spruced those feathers right up. She's had a facelift and we think she looks mighty fine!

If you'd like a closer look at this or any of our other designs then take a look in our gallery here. Or if you want to discuss your own Wedding Tea Towels then email me on

Later kissy love birds (that's you lot by the way)


PS Is it weird that I talk about our wedding tea towels like they are actual living beings?