Thursday, 12 September 2013

Look what this bride has done with her Wedding Tea Towel Invitation!

I love this so much I've decided to dedicate this photo it's very own blog post! LOOK! This clever lady on the left, made Helens wedding tea towel invitation in to a blimin' Apron for her to wear on the day. Normally I would say it would be a shame to cover up such an utterly beautiful dress but on this occasion, I will make an exception.

Wish I was that good and sewing but the fact remains, I can not even sew on a button. So, there it is...

Just look at the picture again, one more time, and then you can go!

Karen x

PS Look at the cute rabbits as well - Helen and Matthew took one of our classic designs and we added their own personal touch to make it even more special to them x