Friday, 31 March 2017

Prosecco Parties... oh sorry, I mean Wrapping Parties.

Come on, get the gang over, crack open a bottle of Prosecco 
and get to wrapping your fabulous wedding tea towels. 

*record scratch* Package them...? In what? How? 
Panic over, we're here to give you the answers you've been looking for. 

We recommend you wrap and send your tea towels in one of two ways usually 
(...actually with a secret third way chucked in). 

One - Postage boxes and super gorgeous accessories! 
Look below to see why I particularly love these ones.

This bird paper from Hobbycraft gives me ALL the feels.

The ribbon... oh how I love this ribbon. So perfect! Especially to match our grey on natural print.

Literally, every single time I look at these ones. I come over all emotional. I ADORE the family photo inside the lid. I just think it makes their wedding invitations so special and personal and so much more touching.

A personalised sticker to seal the tissue paper? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and YES! Close up below.

The full set. The cards, the confetti, the string. Nothing says this wedding is going to be awesome than opening this package as a first introduction to it.

Option Two - Classic Brown Paper

Classic, elegant, hugely exciting to receive through your letterbox and simple to post out. The Brown Paper look is a firm favourite of ours, as you'll notice if you've received one of our samples! It's how we do it.

Option Three - However you blimin' well want to send them. Do your thing, your way. 
Go as crazy and creative as you want, just make sure you remember to show 
me when you're done so I can go all gooey eyed over them.

These coloured bright envelopes look fabulous laid out together, the compliment the grey print beautifully. Brights rock my world when they are used like this. 

Vintage wrapping paper - it's vintage, it's beautiful and it actually looks like each one of your guests is being given an actual present. Which they are. Spot on. 

So these are just a small selection of our Wrapping Superstars (basically where you see how others have sent their wedding tea towels are steal their ideas), you can see the full Album on our Facebook page. It really is worth going over to have a look for inspiration, ideas and to get yourself all excited over how you might decide to send yours. 

If you've got any questions in the meantime, then do email me or you can take a look at our full design Gallery here

Be in touch soon!
Karen xx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bespoke artworks by Original Wedding Tea Towels

Ever wondered what a bespoke tea towel artwork from Original Wedding Tea Towels looks like? Sure you might love all our classic designs on the website but sometimes, we know that they just might not be quite what you're looking for.

Maybe you want to show off your venue in advance of your guests arriving on your big day, maybe you and your future spouse love a hobby so much you just can't imagine getting married without it featuring in there. Maybe it's where you met? Maybe it's where you're both from? It could be anything!

And to show you how varied it could be... here are a sample of some of our bespoke artworks. Feast your eyes on these.

And an oldie but I still love the detail it gives their guests, so here is one from years ago.

And look at this lovely ornate border on this gorgeous one.

And finally, I think I'll save the Gino D'Campo story for another day...

If you'd like to talk to us about a bespoke design then just email and we can chat things over. Otherwise, take a browse through our classic designs and I'm sure you'll find something you'll fall in love with in there.

Bye for now folks.
Karen & Ben x

Thursday, 2 March 2017

6 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Tea Towel Invitation

So for some reason you can't decide if Wedding Tea Towels are going to blow everyone's minds, and make your wedding the best day ever, well lucky for you we're here to help you decide, with our 100% unbiased '6 reasons for choosing a Wedding Tea Towel invitation'.

1. The look on their faces.
Once you give out your invites your guests reactions will make it all worthwhile, and 10 on 10 it'll get a mention in at least one of the speeches.

Look how Happy she is!

2. They'll be around for ever.
Nobody is going to forget your Wedding Anniversary if your invite is hanging in their kitchen for years to come.

Open the Prosecco, get some snacks out and have your bezzies round to help fold and wrap your beautiful Wedding Invitations.

Wrapping Superstars
Wrapping Superstar

4. The RSVPs are amaze!
Once you set the bar this high, expect some of your more creative guests to RSVP back in other interesting ways. See some of the best ones here:

5. Our customers love us
We like to look after the couples we work with and our motto has always been 'create every invite like it's our own'. You can read a whole bunch of gushing praise here:

6. Another part of your day you'll never forget.
Trust us, you will never have this conversation:
You: "Dean, what did we do for our invitations?"
Bob: "Sarah, I have no idea, it was 57 years ago."
...It's a wedding invitation you'll never forget.

See! Easy choice right? 

For orders & samples email:
Take a look at to see our full range of designs.

Wedding Planners get in touch for a sample, bloggers hit us up for a media pack.

So ponder on this lovely people! 
Bye for now 
Karen x