Tuesday, 16 February 2016

6 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Tea Towel Invitation

6 Reasons you need a Wedding Tea Towel Invitation

So for some reason you can't decide if Wedding Tea Towels are going to blow everyone's minds, and make your wedding the best day ever, well lucky for you we're here to help you decide, with our 100% unbiased '6 reasons for choosing a Wedding Tea Towel invitation'.

1. The look on their faces.
Once you give out your invites your guests reactions will make it all worthwhile, and 10 on 10 it'll get a mention in at lease one of the speeches.

Look how Happy she is!

2. They'll be around for ever.
Nobody is going to forget your Wedding Anniversary, if your invite is hanging in their kitchen for years to come.

Hanging a Wedding Tea Towels
Just hanging around.

Open some wine, get some snacks out and have your bezzies round to help fold and wrap your beautiful Wedding Invitations.

Wrapping Superstars
Wrapping Superstar

4. The RSVPs are amaze!
Once you set the bar this high, expect some of your more creative guests to RSVP back in other interesting ways. See some of the best ones here: http://www.weddingteatowels.co.uk/happy-couples

Amazing RSVPs
Total Underpant RSVP action

5. Our customers love us
We like to look after the couples we work with and our motto has always been 'create every invite like it's our own'. You can read a whole bunch of gushing praise here: http://www.weddingteatowels.co.uk/happy-couples

Wedding Tea Towel Customer Comments
Thanks Dawn O'Porter!

6. Another part of your day you'll never forget.
Trust us, you will never have this conversation:
You: "Bob, what did we do for our invitations?" |
Bob: "Linda, I have no idea, it was 57 years ago."
...It's a wedding invitation you'll never forget.

See! Easy choice right? 

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