Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Save your guests, quite literally, a ton of 5p's...

If you ask me, this is quite possibly the most useful favour you could give your guests at the moment. 

Gorgeous to look at, mega handy and with the superhero ability to save your friends and family (approx) £1 million per year in 5p coins - THE CANVAS LOVE BAG!

We been in love with these little beauties for some time now. We introduced them to our range back in 2011 but they couldn't fight off the pull of mighty tea towel and they've lived in their shadow ever since (sob). But wait, they've been sitting in the wings patiently and now it is the Canvas Love Bag's time to shine!

We think that these bags work best as favours or save the dates 
(and would compliment a tea towel invitation just perfectly)

The Love Bags are available in all of our designs so if you'd like to see an example in your favourite design, want more info on pricing or need anything else then just email me on or to see our full tea towel range take a look here.