Monday, 4 May 2015

Wedding Tea Towel, Colour me GOOD!

Have you seen our Design Page?  People love it, because it lets you flick through the available options on each design, and see what it looks like in each colour?

So you could mix the colours up across a series of Invitations, Evening Invites, Save the Dates and RSVP cards, imagine the world of possibilities, but we know you have a theme, you have a single colour running through everything on your big day, and your invitations need to work into this.

If the colour isn't here that you're looking for then, let's talk, we do add more colours, make 2/3/4 colour designs or match from a swatch of a square you snipped out of your hubby-to-be's tie. It's no big deal.

Drop me a line to speak about your Wedding Tea Towel today.

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