Friday, 16 May 2014

Money, wedding budget, money, wedding budget - GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!

Hey, did I say good news, I meant GREAT NEWS! It has come to my attention this week that the average wedding budget for invitations is £240 based on an average guest list of 106 people.

So... my mathematical genius brain tells me these sums:

106 guests would mean about 50 invitations needed (let's just assume for this that you were having, oh I don't know... our wedding tea towels!)

The total price all in for 50 of our amazing, beautiful and useful wedding tea towels is £222.50 so under budget. BAM!

And that means you'd have £17.50 left to spend on wine for you and your friends when they come over to help you wrap them all up.

So to summarise:

Wedding Tea Towels + You = Happy couple * Happy Friends... squared? No idea if that's a real sum or not but I'm sure you get the point.

This is me signing off from probably the most confusing blog post ever!

Karen xx