Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Let's get this wedding started...!

So, you're a fun couple... your guests are fun... and you want your wedding to be fun, right?

So let's kick it all off that way. The chance for you to show everyone your wedding is going to be the best one they've ever been to starts the moment your invitations hit your loved ones grabby little paws.

Why send out a stuffy old paper invite when you could send an Original wedding tea towel and inspire your friends and family to respond to you in amazing ways like this... I mean, imagine how long it took that person to dig out the oldest, scruffiest tea towel they could find and spray 'Yes' on it.

These were balloons btw.

So if you can find me one other invitation that can inspire this level of greatness, I wanna hear about it!

If you want to make your wedding super fun too then email me on and you can see all of our fab designs just here in our Gallery.

Bye for now!

Karen x