Friday, 23 May 2014

Lovely new set of happy, happy couple comments released today

Still not quite sure whether Original Wedding Tea Towels is the right choice for your invites, favours or save the dates... well I've just released a load of brand new happy couple quotes on the website. Take a look and I'm pretty sure that'll be all the convincing you need to drop me an email and say 'make me some wedding tea towels IMMEDIATELY'!

Look here to see all the lovely comments.

This is basically how things are going down right now. (I've shortened some of them to save your eye power but the full comments are on the actual website).

'We absolutely love love love love our wedding tea towels. It was so nice when everyone received them and got in touch to say how amazing they were! Karen was super helpful and the whole process easy and super speedy! x'

'We were absolutely delighted with our wedding tea towels. One of the loveliest parts of planning our wedding. We even had some tears (happy of course!). Can't recommend Karen enough!'

'I absolutely loved my invites and the service and communication from Karen was fantastic! Can't wait for everyone to see our invites!'

So if you would like to talk about your invites or place an order then email me on or check out our website if you want to see all our designs.
See ya later

Karen x

Friday, 16 May 2014

Money, wedding budget, money, wedding budget - GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!

Hey, did I say good news, I meant GREAT NEWS! It has come to my attention this week that the average wedding budget for invitations is £240 based on an average guest list of 106 people.

So... my mathematical genius brain tells me these sums:

106 guests would mean about 50 invitations needed (let's just assume for this that you were having, oh I don't know... our wedding tea towels!)

The total price all in for 50 of our amazing, beautiful and useful wedding tea towels is £222.50 so under budget. BAM!

And that means you'd have £17.50 left to spend on wine for you and your friends when they come over to help you wrap them all up.

So to summarise:

Wedding Tea Towels + You = Happy couple * Happy Friends... squared? No idea if that's a real sum or not but I'm sure you get the point.

This is me signing off from probably the most confusing blog post ever!

Karen xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Happy Happy couple!

Yes this is a blog... about another blog!

But our lovely couple Debbie and Angus have said some truly lovely things about us here that I felt you all just needed to know!

So take a look and be warm and fuzzy like me.

Bye guys
Karen xx

Friday, 2 May 2014

NEW: Wedding Post Card - For Destination Weddings

Every now and again we like to revisit our designs and give them a bit of a spring clean, we thought Wedding Postcards was due an update, so that's what we went ahead and did.

It was always a lovely idea send an invite that was also a postcard, (oh yeah, and a Tea Towel) so we thought this was our best design to tailor to the ever popular Destination Weddings peeps, those lucky couples who get married all over the world.

The New Wedding Postcard has a space for you to add a little motif of your wedding destination, so some beautiful Palm Trees, the Eiffel Tower or Northampton Lift Tower, whatever sums your Destination Wedding invite up.

Take a closer look at the Wedding Postcard design here.

And see our full range of designs right just here.