Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Creative RSVP's encouraged?

Yes, RSVP cards are all well and practical and very, very pretty but by sending out a Wedding Tea Towel invitation you are telling your guests you are a FUN couple, you want your wedding to be FUN so why not get them to join in the FUN right from the start?

Let's get this wedding party started straight away. That's what I say! Pop an RSVP line on the bottom of your tea towel to say 'creative RSVPs encouraged' or run a competition and give the winner with the best RSVP a prize during the speeches... and you too could be enjoying receiving beauties like the ones here through your letterbox...

So go on... let's see what you can get back!

If you'd like to see our full tea towel design gallery then give us a click here or drop me an email on

Karen xx

PS These are all actual RSVPs that our couples have been sent. I haven't made this up. I literally couldn't make this up! x

PPS If you do still need a card as well as your creative RSVPs with menu choices n'that then don't worry, we can do create the artwork for that too.

PPPS I really am going now...

PP...... Nah, only joking!