Thursday, 26 April 2012

PRESS: Gorgeous Wedding Bits

"They are the Lady Gaga of wedding invitation world."

Lovely little piece on Gorgeous Wedding Bits, this is a really cool post that goes through Amy and Jonathan's Wedding Tea Towel experience, I love this:

"But that all went out the window when i read about the Original Wedding Tea Towel company. What a find!

We both knew they were super cool within about 3 seconds. We had chosen the designs within about 7.

They arrived just before Christmas and we spent most of Wednesday evening with a Bridesmaid, folding, punching, tying ribbons and packaging up the precious little cotton beauties.

And they are RECESSION FRIENDLY. All in all, they come in at well under the cost for anything like a professionally printed paper invitation and are a million times nicer, more unique, personal and environmentally friendly. Also, we will now not be doing ‘favours’ at the wedding – so it really does kill two birds with one very economical stone."

Read the whole thing here The Gorgeous Wedding Blog