Friday, 9 September 2011

BLOG - Hello 2 brand new designs!

So... if you are a little behind in the tea towel gossip world (as in, only about 24 hours so don't beat yourself up over it) we've just launched two brand spanking new fabulous lovey dovey designs - Apple Tree Wedding and Woodstock.

And to make our launch even more exciting, have today featured them on their amazing 'Plan with Fran' blog.

Fran says:

I personally think that the Original Wedding Tea Towel is a fabulous and unique idea! Your friends will absolutely love it and sending something so personal will give your guests an insight into how romantic the rest of your wedding day will be. For couples planning a tea party style reception or a vintage wedding these tea towels really are just perfect.

To read the full blog on Hitched, click here. And you really should keep up with Fran's blog if you don't already as it's bloomin' marvellous!

If you'd like a quote or any more information then email me on

Have a good weekend - and remember, drying up can be fun!