Tuesday, 23 May 2017

These two reactions to a wedding tea towel invite are ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Firstly, massive thanks so much to Matt & Lisa for letting us share this shot of their friend receiving his wedding tea towel invitation. He looks pretty chuffed by it, right? He sure does. But wait...

That's only half the fabulousness of this photo. If you ever needed any more proof that wedding tea towels are the only way to wow your guests then stop and take a look at the lovely lady in the backgrounds face. It's pure amazement. We literally live for these photos. Thanks a mil Matt & Lisa!

Here's how they were packaged up before the grand reveal...

Amazing job guys!

Talk to me today about how you can make your invitations the best invitation your guests have ever seen or check out all our designs for yourself, then tell me your fave. 

Bye for now
Karen xx

Friday, 5 May 2017

Everyone loves food, right? So share your fave recipe with your guests. Even better if it's an old family one!

True Inspiration Story Incoming.

I was making my Great Grandmas' Tea Loaf recipe the other morning and it got me thinking 
about two things that actually go together more closely than... umm... Ant n' Dec and that is - 

Why not use our Love Poets design to share your own family recipe with your guests. 

You can put any wording you'd like on this design so if it's a recipe you choose to share 
with your guests then who are we to stop you! Tell you something else as well, 
we won't charge you a penny more to do this so get sharing!

Oh and feel free to give my Great Grandmas' recipe a whirl. It's pretty darn tasty!

See you soon.
Karen xx