Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hi Rest of the World *waves*

One of our lovely couples from The Netherlands is featured on this fab blog today. So that reminded me that it's important to remind you that of course we can ship outside of the UK. And sometimes it costs as little as £26 for delivery. Bargain!

It's easy peasy to sort out and doesn't take too long so if you're in Europe or even further a field in Australia or America. Get. In. Touch. Now!

See you later worldwide friends.
Karen x

Friday, 20 June 2014

Well hello to you HELLO! Magazine

So, my mother in law was sitting in the hairdressers flicking through HELLO! magazine (as you do) when something beautiful, something original and something down right familiar caught her eye... an Original Wedding Tea Towel!

Imagine our surprise! The proof is above for you to see and below is a picture of the front cover because it's got baby Prince George on and he's too cute for us all not to look at.

To see our full design range take a look here or if you want any more information then just let me know on

Karen x